Notary Public The Basics

Notary Public The Basics

Have you ever needed the services of a notary public and you had questions about what exactly a notary does or is? Here is a quick rundown of a notary public’s services.

  • As the title would imply, a notary “public” is essentially a public witness to signatures and other sorts of transactions.
  • A notary public’s fee is always the same, no matter where you go. The fee is $10 per signature/oath/affirmation. It is illegal to charge more than $10. If there are multiple signatures to document, you can be charged $10 per signature. Some notary publics will offer you a price break/discount depending on the amount of signatures.
  • Traveling notary publics can charge a fee on top of the $10 for their traveling fee. The fee varies depending on the individual and the distances they drive. Some scenarios that may require a traveling notary include someone that is in jail or prison that need to sign a document that needs to be notarized or someone that is unable to travel to the notary such as a person in a hospital.
  • Some traveling notaries operate 24/7. Usually these notaries have very high traveling fees, for obvious reasons, they are providing a service that is not usually available at very late times of the day
  • You can notarize a document without identification. If you are unable to get proper identification, you can still notarize a document by simply bringing 2 individuals that have proper identificatin and who can swear or affirm that you are who you are.
  • Of all of the things that I mentioned, the most important thing to know about a notary public is what a notary public isn’t: WE ARE NOT LAWYERS/ATTORNEYS. We are not allowed to give legal advice. Do not ask a notary public for legal advice, because we are not trained or licensed to give such advice. Some notary publics with well meaning intentions often give advice when they should not. Spend the extra money & do the extra research to get the proper advice and answers you need regarding your legal situation. As a notary, our only job is to be a witness to your signature.

Our office is located at 5586 Mission Blvd, Riverside, CA 92509. Most of the time we have 2 notary publics on staff, including myself. We are open Saturday, so you can have your documents notarizedon the weekend as well.

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