If you have not had insurance for more than 2 months the likeliness is that you are suspended! This is the DMV’s response to people who do not keep their vehicles insured when there are not in non-operation status on their vehicle. You will need the following to clear the suspension:

  • Insure your vehicle – this is the first step to getting your suspension cleared. Our office can help you place insurance on your vehicle. The insurance company will electronically notify the DMV that you have insurance.
  • Pay the $14 reinstatement fee – this is the second step to getting your suspension lifted. The reinstatement fee can be made in one of the following ways: pay it by mail or pay it online. The DMV field offices do NOT accept this fee, but our office can also help you make this payment in our office, even if you don’t have a credit card.
  • Wait.. and wait.. or.. don’t wait – The third step to getting your suspension cleared is a matter of waiting. Your insurance company is supposed to notify the DMV electronically that your vehicle has insurance, however, this sometimes takes 2-3 business days, and sometimes more, and, sometimes less.. but still.. it is not instantly, however.. you DO have another much quicker alternative that will enable you to get this suspension removed INSTANTLY! Give us a call @ 951-684-0494 or visit us @ our Riverside, CA office so we can help you get this done.