Every year you are required to renewal your auto registration. Our staff can help you go through this process a lot faster than you could doing it directly through the DMV. The options for getting your tags are:

  • Walk-in/pick-up – come into our office located in Riverside, CA and you can pick up your stickers and walk away with them instantly
  • Mail/overnight – You can also pay for them and have them in your mail box the next day
  • Same day home delivery – this option is only available for people within a 10 mile radius of our location, but you also have the option to get your registration card & auto tags delivered to your home the same day you get them. This option is an excellent choice for people who are too busy to leave their jobs to get this done themselves

What is needed:

  • Your old/expiring registration card
  • The DMV renewal sent to you by the DMV
  • If you do NOT have either the registration card or the DMV renewal  you will need a REG 156 form, which is available here or you can walk into our office and get it.

The cost:

  • DMV Cost: Registration fees vary depending on your vehicle. Call us if you are unsure of on how much you will be charged.
  • Service cost: $28

Possible problems:

  • Smog - After the 6th year of your vehicles age the DMV will begin to ask you to provide a smog. This smog must be done and passed in order for you to get your auto tags. If you are unsure on where to go, please let us know and we can refer you to one of our partners!
  • Insurance – If your car has not been insured recently, the DMV may ask you to provide a paper copy of the insurance due to the fact that your insurance company has not provided the proof of insurance electronically to the DMV. You don’t have insurance, we can help you get insurance so that you can get your auto tags and be legal while on the road.
  • Proof of correction – if your particular year make and model of vehicle was recalled due to a manufacturer’s defect the DMV will not allow you to renew your auto tags unless you go to the manufacturer’s dealer to get it corrected.

If your registration is suspended, you will have to remove the suspension first in order for you to obtain your new stickers. We can help you get your suspension lifted immediately in our office.