Need a VIN Verification?

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Do you need a VIN verification done on your vehicle? You've come to the right place. We have 2 on-site and off-site VIN inspectors ready to serve you. But if you are still wondering what is a VIN verification and why you need one, read on.

What types of vehicles need the services of a VIN inspector?

      • Vehicles that come from out-of-state or from another country. This includes motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, motor homes & trailers. Here's an example of an out-of-state motorcycle that needed a VIN verification:VIN Inspector
      • Vehicles who have no California record. Some vehicles have been out of the DMV system for so long that there is no longer a record. The DMV no longer has your vehicle on their database, so it needs to be inspected and verified. Here's an example of a vehicle that has been sitting for years and needed a VIN verification:
VIN Verification
What does a VIN verification process actually do?
  • The VIN verification process confirms the VIN on the vehicle.
  • It tells the DMV what type of vehicle or trailer it is. The DMV will want to determine if the vehicle is an automobile, truck & trailer. In addition, it also wants to know how many doors, what the gross vehicle weight is, and if it is a trailer, type of trailer.
  • It also tells the DMV if the vehicle is California emissions compliant or not and if the vehicle is built based on the US Federal Safety Standards.
  • Tells the DMV what year the vehicle is.
Essentially, what a VIN inspector is are the DMV's eyes. It tells them what type of vehicle it is, without actually seeing it. Based on the type of vehicle, you will be charged different registration fees and have different requirements. It is also very important to realize that if you modify the body type of your vehicle, it may be necessary to have your vehicle re-inspected by a licensed VIN verifier to appropriately "categorize" your vehicle. Call us or e-mail to schedule an appointment!
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