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Preventing theft of your registration stickers..


In the city in which our business resides, Riverside, CA, there is a problem with theft of stickers from autos. This problem is not unique to just Riverside, this is a problem you will see everywhere. Thieves use these stickers to illegally place them on other vehicles, this way, they avoid paying registration fees. What can you do to prevent the theft of your registration stickers? Here are a few tips that we suggest:

  • After putting your new sticker on your license plate you should take a blade and cut the sticker in several directions. By doing this, you will render the the sticker useless if a thief tries to pull it off, because the sticker will come off in many tiny pieces, as opposed to one whole piece.
  • Some thieves are smarter than others. The smarter ones do not waste their time trying to take the sticker itself, instead, they take the entire license plate with them. To help prevent this, you should invest in anti-theft license plate fasteners. Usually these kits come with screws that don't have a standard head (flat or cross) making it more difficult for someone to steal your stickers. Here is an example: anti-theft license plate fasteners.
  • Although this suggestion may not be easy to apply all the time, it is probably the most effective: park your car in a way in which it will be very difficult for a thief to take your sticker/plate. When it is difficult for someone to steal something, they will either give up quickly or not try at all.

If you do find yourself the victim of the this crime we can help you. If someone steals your sticker, you can come into our office and we can help you get a replacement sticker. However, if someone steals your license plate, you must file a police report immediately. It is imperative that you file a police report as soon as possible because it protects you against liability and also helps police determine that it was not you who committed crimes.


Individual vehicle identification rather than private property, the owner of all the registration number was assigned. Resident or owner may be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.
Posted @ Friday, August 05, 2011 11:50 PM by municipal vehicle hire
NEWS FLASH!!! There appears to be some type of adhesive that thieves put on the cut-up sticker that enables them to "REMOVE" the sticker(peel-off)intact. Does anyone have another suggestion that would more securely attach the sticker to the license plate!
Posted @ Friday, May 29, 2015 6:10 PM by Sandra Allen
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