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When do my auto tags expire?


A common mistake that we see at our auto tag agency is that customers make the assumption that their auto tags are  expiring at the end of the month of the sticker shown on the left of their plate. For instance, the sticker on your plate is for the month of August & you believe that your tags will expire until the very last day of the August month. But in reality, your tags expire on a specific date. For instance, if you are under the understanding that it expires on August 31st but your renewal fees were actually due on August 1st, you would've been 30 days late and you would've incurred the 2nd level in penalty fees. Avoid unnecessary fees by paying on time! If you don't which date your tags expire, listed below are a few ways to find this date out:

  • You can look at your registration card: The registration card will indicate to you when your tags actually expire. Being one day late will automatically cause you to incur penalties. It doesn't matter if you are 1 day late or 10 days late, you will incur the same penalty. Penalties actually increase in increments, so it is best to pay these fees before the expiration date.Registration Card
  • You can look at the renewal notice: The California DMV will send you a renewal notice. The expiration/renewal date is shown at the top right of the form they send.Registration Renewal
  • You can look at your title: If you have your vehicle's title, the date that your registration expires is indicated on the title itself at the top right. 
  • CA Title
  • You can call us: If you don't know how to read your registration card or you lost it, you can always contact our auto tag agency and give us a call and we can tell you when it expires. We can even tell you how much your fees are for free by giving us call us a at 951-684-0494. get-your-auto-tags-now


Hello. We are your local DMV alternative. Expired tags? No problem. EL Cajon DMV would love to get you back on the road.
Posted @ Monday, February 23, 2015 1:13 PM by BRITTANY HART
Is my tag expired
Posted @ Sunday, March 22, 2015 11:16 PM by Michael woodson
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